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"...countertenor Kyle Sanchez Tingzon performed Goffredo with a meltingly pretty tone..."


"...a voice of surpassing beauty and versatility that manages all the trills with utter ease.  The same high praise belongs to countertenor Kyle Sanchez Tingzon who sings Goffredo."

Karas Reviews

"Sanchez Tingzon and Thomas-Smith were strong, forceful and dramatic and excelled at the melismatic singing of long phrases strung over many, many notes."

The Daily Gazette

"Among the young artists, Kyle Sanchez Tingzon especially distinguished himself as Goffredo, and in his aria "Sorge nel petto" of act three, he demonstrated that an exemplary technique combined with a refined sensitivity can make this music the most beautiful of all the Baroque repertoire."


"Parmi les jeunes artistes, le Goffredo de Kyle Sanchez Tingzon se distinguait particulièrement et dans son air « Sorge nel petto » au III, démontrant qu’une technique exemplaire alliée à une sensibilité à fleur de peau pouvait rendre cette musique la plus belle du répertoire baroque. "


"Kyle Sanchez Tingzon displayed a powerful countertenor as Goffredo, the crusader king, contrasting effectively with Nicholas Kelliher's lighter countertenor..."

The Wall Street Journal

"a highlight"

"[Vivaldi gave] Teseo a fabulously showy aria, and Kyle Tingzon, a countertenor, makes it a highlight."

Ercole su'l Termodonte | Pacific Opera Project 2023
LA Times

"silver timbre & laser-focused intensity"

"All four singers were highly effective in their roles, the standout arguably being Kyle Tingzon, whose big aria after he has been rescued by Ippolita from execution had real dramatic heft, the abraded silver timbre of his voice projected with laser-focused intensity that brought the biggest cheers of the evening."

Ercole su'l Termodonte | Pacific Opera Project 2023
LA Opus

Harvey Milk Reimagined


"Countertenor Kyle Sanchez Tingzon brings an appropriately unearthly quality to the role of the Messenger."

KDHX Community Media

"Kyle Sanchez Tingzon shines as the colorful “messenger,” who presages Milk’s advent into politics, in still another OTSL debut."

Ladue News

"...countertenor Kyle Tingzon sported a lovely, plummy voice."

Opera Today

"Countertenor Kyle Sanchez Tingzon stood out as the Messenger (the voice type switch from the original baritone was a plus)."

The Wall Street Journal

"The program lists him simply as "The Messenger", but he is, in fact, a bright Angel. Kyle Sanchez Tingzon, a gifted countertenor, sings this role. This Angel drifts in and out of the story, guiding Harvey on his way."


"perfectly matched... striking."

“Counter-tenor Kyle Tingzon and [mezzo] soprano Xiao Xiao sing Nero and Poppea. Their voices are so perfectly matched that when they twine together in this lovely duet it could almost be one singer singing of his love for himself. Most striking. And perhaps, for these characters, not inappropriate.”

Center Stage Concert | Opera Theatre of Saint Louis 2022

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